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Douglas Battery™ takes high-frequency modular charging to a higher level
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Douglas Battery™, provider of batteries and chargers for material handling applications, recently introduced its new line of LegaC2™ high-frequency modular chargers. The new line of chargers feature some of the industry’s most compact, efficient and versatile designs, available as a free-standing or wall-mounted design.

The new LegaC2™ modular chargers are suitable for a wide range of battery capacities and are designed to maintain peak efficiency at all times. Due to the modular construction, charger modules can be switched on and off automatically. If a single module develops a minor fault, the charger will bypass it and continue operation at reduced power, resulting in a continued charging process and uninterrupted fleet operations.

“The addition of LegaC2™ high-frequency modular chargers to our charger portfolio allows us to further meet the needs for higher efficiency, flexibility and reliability across a range of material handling applications,” said Brian Faust, general manager, Douglas Battery. “With the addition of the LegaC2™ chargers to our existing Raptor™ rapid charger, we’re able to provide innovative charging solutions, whatever the application.”

The LegaC2™ modular charger product line includes single-phase and three-phase three and six bay models in a complete range of charging capacities. For maximum flexibility, the new chargers include a number of charging profiles, from standard flooded and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Gel to opportunity charging, cold storage and VRLA Gel-bloc batteries. Additional features include an LCD screen with programmable menu and USB port to easily download or upload charger data.